• Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)

    The River Nile runs a full-time teaching program at our campus in North Melbourne.  This program has been specifically developed for young refugee and asylum seeker women who find the demands in larger school settings difficult or who have disengaged from school, particularly those who are pregnant or who have babies.  The program aims to provide skills-based education to help students develop the knowledge needed to function effectively in Australian society, with the core of our program is English language and mathematics.

    The VCAL certificate is delivered over a two year period to give students the greatest opportunity to succeed.  We deliver, through an external provider, components of a VET program every Friday afternoon.  Transition to a higher level VCAL Certificate is an option for students wishing to extend their skills.  This means students will gain a recognised qualification and be able to transfer credits for units to any subsequent courses.  Students are able to work towards either a foundation or intermediate level VCAL.

    The VCAL curriculum is tailored to the needs of the students and includes units on issues of relevance for them – budgeting, understanding accounts and contracts, physical fitness and nutrition, women’s health, computer skills, child development, tenancy laws, driving, the courts system, personal development, vocational and employment skills.

    Each student works to an individual learning plan tailored to their level of ability and interests.

    An overview of our 2017 program can be read at this link RNS VCAL Program 2017

    For more information on this program, please contact us on (03) 9329 8425 or email info@rnlc.org.au


    Download ‘My Life: Written and Illustrated by the students of River Nile Learning Centre, 2012’