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    Asylum Seeker Legal Support – Giving a Tax-Deductible Gift

    One of the biggest barriers for some of our women in pursuing their education is the looming October 1st deadline and the urgency to ensure that their protection Visa applications are submitted. Currently, our students seeking asylum are at various stages of their applications; some have almost completed theirs with the assistance of lawyers from […]

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    River Nile School & Learning Centre

    We are now two sister organisations …. RNS The River Nile School educates senior-secondary school-age refugee & asylum seeker women who have disrupted schooling or are struggling to cope with mainstream education.   RNLC The new River Nile Learning Centre was established in 2017 to provide education programs & services to non-school age, refugee & […]

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    River Nile School Approved For 2017

    Early in 2016 the RNLC Committee of Management made the decision to try to establish an Independent School for young women Refugees and Asylum Seekers. An application was made to VRQA for approval and after much work, policy writing and development of ideas, the River Nile School was formed in September 2016 and approved by […]

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