• River Nile School Approved For 2017

    by  • 30/12/2016 • News

    Early in 2016 the RNLC Committee of Management made the decision to try to establish an Independent School for young women Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

    An application was made to VRQA for approval and after much work, policy writing and development of ideas, the River Nile School was formed in September 2016 and approved by VRQA in December 2016 for an opening in January 2017.

    This is a momentous development for the everyone. It necessitated a name change and some changes to the Rules to make it clear that the school will be one for school age young women. The funding from State and Commonwealth Governments will ensure our long term survival and enhance our offerings.

    A new entity called RNLC has been established and it will run the other programs in 2017. It is currently an applicant for an ABN, Charity and DGR status which the RNS also now holds.

    So far enrolments have been strong and we expect to commence 2017 with 25 young women in the school and our same 2 dedicated teachers. Lisa Wilson will now be known as the Principal.

    The Committee of Management led in a dedicated fashion by Susan Pelka deserves much credit for this exciting development.