• How we are tracking so far…

    by  • 21/03/2014 • News

    There are a number of generous grants we received late last year which are being to put to use in the various purposes they were intended for…

    Funds that we have received from the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust are helping us with a much needed upgrade of our computers! This ensure that our students have well functioning IT resources to aid and supplement their learning. These upgrades also ensure that our office has the appropriate tools it needs to carry out all of its functions in supporting the running of the school!

    A generous grant from the Collier Chariatable Fund, is providing funding for part of our childcare operations. We have three qualified education aides who support the children of our students while they attend class. We are having an average attendance of around 4 children each day, a number of whom are regular attendees. However, this number can be as high as 8 on a busy day, meaning that this funding is critical in ensuring our program can run properly and effectively!

    The Bennelong Foundation is also providing us with the resources to hire a part time social worker, who provides social and emotional support to our students to ensure they are able to attend school. The lives of many of our students are complicated by a range of disadvantages. Having a social worker to assist the students in alleviating and managing day-to-day stresses, increases the likelihood that they will be able to attend class and achieve their education certificates.

    Additional to these generous grants, we have received funding from a number of local organisations.Without their help and support, our program would not be able to operate as effectively. The Rotary Club of North Melbourne, Freemasons Victoria and St Mary’s Anglican Church in North Melbourne have all generously donated funds which assist in day-to-day costs of running the centre – for example paying our phone bill, other utilities costs, office/classroom supplies, and text books among many other things!

    Foodbank Victoria has also just added River Nile to their list of clients, providing us with a weekly supply of nutritious (both fresh and canned) food which our students can have for their lunch OR take home with them! Many of our students are unable to afford quality ingredients, meaning that this practical donation is great source of health for students and their children.


    Without all of these various generous contributions, our centre would not be able to run. We are endlessly grateful to these generous organisations and for the opportunities that they provide for our centre.


    If you would like to help support the River Nile, we now have a PayPal account. You can make direct donations (either one off, or a regular scheduled payment) which are automatically receipted as tax deductable!