• A Poem

    by  • 20/11/2013 • News

    This poem was written by one of our students – Hayat, aged 16.  Hayat had never read a poem before she started on this beautiful piece she wrote about a close friend and the very difficult experience of migrating…


    Childhood friends

    I hope we still are.

    Inseperable from grade 3 to 8.

    A desk, ideas, help, secrets shared

    as well as

    biscuits and lollies.

    An open-hearted girl

    with a wild lion-laugh, protecting me

    but clashing

    with her sister.

    We always played

    in the play-ground

    runinng, swinging

    as fast, as far

    as we could.

    Eyes flashing, hearts beating, loud laughter

    joy together.

    One day I was gone

    on a plane.

    Now we share Facebook, texts and calls.

    Not inseperable


    Friends, but not like before.

    Childhood promises never seem to stick.

    -Hayat M. 2013