• River Nile LC – supporting our children’s learning

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    Our childcare support workers.

    Our childcare support workers.

    We are delighted to have two capable child-care workers in our Children’s Room, who keep our children entertained and learning through play, while our students are in class next door. Suzanne and Nawal do a great job, with a range of engaging activities and a colorful, cheerful room full of educational toys including books, a painting space, playdough table, model dinosaurs,dolls, dress-ups,  maps and jigsaws.

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    Our students can bring their children to school with them and have qualified child-care workers with an African background to help with their children while they study. While they do not leave their children here – mothers need to be either with their children or in the classroom next door – Suzanne and Nawal’s support means they can concentrate on their work without the distraction of parenting at the same time, and they do not have to use up their Jobs,  Education and Training support from Centrelink, leaving it available for further study in the future.

    Children's room 1Suzanne and Nawal speak English with the children, furthering their language development and eventual readiness for school, while they both also speak Arabic.

    We are really pleased to have them on the River Nile team!