• “The Monkey and the Tiger”

    by  • 03/05/2013 • News

    Students at River Nile have been working on producing a play in term 2 of this year.

    The play has been part of a VCAL outcome entitled ‘Traditional Tales’ aimed at working on literacy and story development skills as well as outcomes such as: planning, organising and completing a complex project or activity; self management skills for goal achievement; leadership skills and responsibilities; and interpersonal skills for communicating ideas and information.

    The following is a copy of the play script, written by RNLC students. Currently the students are desiging and creating set displays, props and costumes and will all participate in acting in the play.



     Edited by Bigezo Kifamunyanja

    Based on a story written by Sarah Ton


    Setting: the stage will look like a forest and the monkey will sit high in the tree.

     M= little monkey

    MF = monkey’s friends

    T= tiger


    Narrator:           The Monkey and the Tiger is based on a story written by Sarah Ton.

    Narrator:           Once upon a time there was a little monkey alone in the forest looking for its parents.

    M:                       M enters on stage

    Mum, Dad, anybody here?

                                 M is looking in all directions

    Narrator:           The monkey heard a noise. It was a big tiger coming towards the little monkey.

    M:                       Listens for a noise. A noise is made.

    T:                         T enters the stage

    Starts clapping hands at the monkey.

                                 Come on monkey let’s play.

    Narrator:           The tiger was so excited to meet a new friend because it was lonely as there were not too many tigers in this forest. But the monkey was so afraid it ran up the tree.

    M:                       Help, help, help……..

    MF:                     MF enter on stage up in tree

    Narrator:           Some monkeys came to help but they were afraid of the tiger too.

    MF:                     Let’s throw fruits at the tiger!

    MF and M:       throw fruits and say mean things

    Narrator:           The tiger felt sad and lonely

    T:                         Come play with me, I am not going to eat you, I just want a friend.

    M and MF:       No go away you scary creature, all tigers are mean to us.

     Narrator:           The tiger tried and tried and tried to become a friend to the monkeys but they kept sending him away.

     T, MF and M:   The T walks past the monkeys three times and each time the M and MF throw fruits and say mean things.

     Narrator:           The tiger gave up and went away.

     T:                         T curls up in a corner.

     Narrator:           One day the tiger was passing the trees the monkeys were in and to his surprise the little monkey fell out of the tree and landed in front of him.

     M:                       M falls out of tree. MF run away and scream.

     Narrator:           The monkey’s friends ran away in fear. The little monkey was too scared to scream and froze in shock. The tiger came close to the little monkey.

     T:                         Why are you scared? I am not going to eat you. Are you ok my little friend? Would you like some help getting up in your tree?

    Narrator:           The little monkey was even more shocked.

     M:                       Why do you want to help me instead of eating me?

     T:                         We tigers are vegetarian. We don’t eat animals- yuck!

     M:                       So can we really be friends?

     T:                         Yes, of course. That’s what I have always wanted.

     M:                       I’m sorry for saying mean things and throwing fruits at you.

     T:                         I get that a lot. It makes us very sad. I hope we can be friends now.

     Narrator:           And they did become friends and Tiger helped Monkey find his parents and they became friends too.

     M, MF and T:   Gather together and play nicely.

     Narrator:           The message of this story is to not judge or be scared of people we don’t know.

    We are so proud of the work the students have produced in this play. We are looking forward to putting up pictures and videos of the play once it is completed!