• River Nile and a Bit of Majak

    by  • 03/05/2013 • News

    On Sunday 28th April, a number of the RNLC students and their children, teachers and other staff/volunteers attended the North Melbourne Kangaroos vs. Hawthorn Hawks football match at the MCG as part of the Multicultural Program. Our tickets were kindly donated by the North Melbourne Club. The afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by all including the opportunity to see Sudanese born player Majak Daw on the field!

    Article written by RNLC volunteer Peter Brent:

    As the autumn sun sets over the city, the newly formed River Nile North Melbourne Fan Club file into MCG.  Drawn by the hope of a bit of Majak magic and free tickets (courtesy of the Footy Club), the River Nile Fan Club is at its first live football match, North vs Hawthorn.

    Majak Daw is the first Sudanese born AFL player and this is his second match.   Many of 42,000 at MCG have come to see him play.

    RNLC student Agum watching and photographing the game

    Our seats are near the front on the fourth level with a great but somewhat scary view of the ground below and the city skyline in the distance.

    Majak is big, fast and readily identifiable, even from our elevated seats.  Despite some Majak magic and Daw inspiring effort, plus the enthusiastic support from the River Nile Fan Club, it is some Cyril magic that results in a very narrow win for Hawthorn.

    Perhaps, if North should signed up some of Majak’s 8 siblings, this will make a difference for next time.   In any event North now has gained some enthusiastic fans from the River Nile Learning Centre.

    Father Don, teacher Jean and student Agum at the game