• Our New Computers thanks to HMST!

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    Our students have had a great time this year using our new computers which have been generously donated by the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust!

    Letekidan working on one of the HMST computers

    Our student’s computer skills have been improving daily with the help of the new computers and the quality of students work is continuing to rise.

    Students have been completing work based on different VCAL outcomes. Here are some examples of the computer work that students have been producing this year!


    Achan’s short story as part of ‘traditional tales’…

    Always Listen to your Wife

    This is a story about my father and his friend. My father told mum “I am going to the village“ and mum said “it’s dusk time.” “I have to go” he replied mum said “ok be careful about that place you are going through” “dad said I have my gun and it has two bullets in it”. Then dad took his bike and left the city. When he went through the place called Maloujach his friend saw him and his friend said “where is Khalil going this time?”He took his bike and a gun and he followed my dad. When he got to the scary place dad saw one lion. He put down his bike and took his gun out. He followed the lion but more two lions were behind him and he did not see them. Dad’s friend came. He saw my dad and three lions so he took his gun out and shot into the sky to scare the lions away. Dad said “what did you do that for?” His friend said  “how can you kill three lions with two bullets?” Dad said “l didn’t see the other two lions”. He said “thank you very much my friend, I was almost eaten today.” Dad returned back home. My mum said “why did you come back?” dad didn’t want to talk about what happened for two days. One day dad told my mum about what happened. Mum said “I told you so” my dad said “I should listen to what you say.”

    excerpt from Esraa’s powerpoint presentation about RNLC…

    You Think You Know River Nile Learning Centre?

    • The purpose of this program is to provide young African women to continue with their education without major difficulties and just build up from whatever they know without feeling lower bout their level of education. Also some of these young women  are young mothers or about to be so this school is a very safe environment for every body involved.
    • The school is located in north Melbourne  in Queensberry  St and its  central to transport and restaurants which makes it easy for the River Nile students to get around.
    • River Nile Learning Centre is a multicultural  VCAL program that accepts any level of Education .
    • We study  literacy and numeracy and in the morning we have tutors working one on one with each one of the students helping them with Grammar, Reading, Math and other work which is very helpful.

    Sarah’s ‘about me’ profile and Fatima’s lunch time party invitation…