• River Nile Featured in Multicultural Victoria Magazine

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    March 2013 Multicultural Victoria Magazine

    Multicultural Victoria is a magazine published by the Victorian Multicultural Commission.  River Nile was featured in an article regarding the recent Multicultural Awards for Excellence, at which we received an award for Excellence in Education.

    The following, is an excerpt of the article ‘Victorians Honored at Multicultural Awards for Excellence’:

    ” … the Victorian Mulicultural Education awards [were] presented by the Hon. Martin Dixon MLA …

    VMC Chairperson Mr Chin Tan emphasised the importance of the Multicultural Awards for Excellence, as they recognize the vital role that individuals, community organizations and service providers play in our multicultural society.

    ‘Through their hard work, engagement and active participation, each Award recipient contributes to a vibrant, harmonious and unified Victoria’ said Mr Tan.

    ‘With this award ceremony we recognize and celebrate different cultural heritages but we also emphasise our common future and view: to build Victoria as a united community with shared laws, values and resposibilites; a State where members of our community, regardless of ethnicity or religion, may express and celebrate their culture, religion and heritage’ he said.

    … The Multicultural Awards for Excellence invite nominations for individuals, community organizations and service providers who have made significant contributions to multicultural Victoria. They have been organized by the VMC for the part 10 years.”

    Multicultural Victoria Magazine, March 2013, page 4


    In other publicity news, an article regarding the Excellence in Education award that RNLC received at the Multicultural Awards was also featured on page 9 in the Febuary 2013 edition of  The Melbourne Anglican (TMA).


    Great publicity such as this means that RNLC can reach an even wider audience which helps to gain further support within the community and importantly informs potential students about our program.