• Children’s Room Transformation

    by  • 07/02/2013 • News

    After11Over the 2012-2013 summer break we have been redesigning our children’s room at RNLC. We have spent hours creating a fun filled environment, set up with toys, books and equipment to help foster early learning experiences for the children who accompany their mothers to school here!

    A special thank you to the Frank and Flora Leith Trust who have provided us with the funds to purchase many of the early learning products and equipment. Also a huge thank you to the amazing Vivian who has worked tirelessly to help arrange the perfect setup!

    BEFORE: the room is spacious but a bit empty, without any specifically designated play areas

    AFTER: the room is transformed with play stations set up for playdoh, painting, drawing, puzzles, baby play, reading, themed play and a great organisation system to keep things in order!

    We know the kids will love playing in this new fun filled space!