• New Books from NAB

    by  • 14/08/2012 • News

    The NAB mentors have generously donated a number of new specialized books for our students.  Unfortunately many of the literacy books currently available on the market are written for young children who are learning to read meaning that the content is not suited to the age range of our students and can therefore be un-stimulating. The books that NAB have donated to us fill a much needed gap in providing content that is aimed at adults while remaining at a graded educational reading level that is appropriate for our students.

    After receiving the books two weeks ago, the girls have had a great time having a look at the new topics covered by the books and the teachers are looking forward to using them in the classroom. The hope is that because the content of these books is better suited and more relevant to the age of the girls at River Nile, it will promote and interest in reading and make learning to read more enjoyable and more interesting for our students. We are very grateful to NAB for their thoughtful contributions to our learning!