• Our staff

    The River Nile Learning Centre is fortunate to have a team of high calibre staff with a deep personal passion and understanding for our work, extensive experience and skills and a wealth of ideas to enhance student outcomes.  All staff work unpaid volunteer hours in addition to the paid hours.

    All RNLC Teachers are VIT registered and committed to building foundational skills using engaging and student-centred teaching and learning. DET will not fund teaching positions for adult learners, so we depend on philanthropic grants and donations to fund teaching for a majority of our students.


    IMG_7020 Lisa & childLisa Wilson –  RNLC Director and RNS Principal

    Lisa is an established company director and general manager, with extensive experience in strategic planning, governance, stakeholder engagement and general business management. This, combined with her people skills, strong networks and passion for community leadership, education and social justice, will stand her in good stead for the role.

    Throughout her career, Lisa has supported the empowerment of women, both in Australia and internationally.  She’s made significant contributions to community leadership development and has volunteered in African community programs.  Since 2010, she’s co-coordinated an Out of Africa Camp, supporting youth of African heritage in Australia to foster positive cultural and social links and access a safe network to explore some of the unique challenges African migrant and adoptive youth and their family’s face.

    Lisa joined River Nile as its Director in May 2014.


    RNLC MaggieMaggie Bradley  –  VCAL Teacher in RNS

    Maggie has studied a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at James Cook University in Cairns and has worked as an Early Childhood Educator in Aboriginal communities in Far North Queensland for the last six years, completing her professional placements and obtaining teaching appointments in various communities in and around the Cairns area. Due to lack of resources and high need demands of the students and wider community, early literacy and numeracy was a strong focus in each learning setting.  Programs such as Reading Recovery, ‘Walking Talking Text’ and cultural philosophies were applied to engage and encourage students, families and the community to become involved in the school setting.

    In 2012 Maggie worked in Phnom Penh, Cambodia at New World Institute, an English language school.  Here Maggie ran a Phonics program for students aged 3 – 12 years old and a Reading and Comprehension program for students aged 12 – 17 years old.

    Maggie joined River Nile in 2014 and passionate about supporting and motivating our students to feel success and control over their future choices.


    IMG_6580 - Version 2Francesca Pisano  –  VCAL Teacher in RNS

    Francesca has worked as a secondary teacher within Catholic Education for 10 years, specialising in English, Humanities and Commerce, and leading curriculum development within the Humanities and Middle School.

    Francesca completed her Masters in TESOL from The University of Melbourne in 2014, including a minor research project on identity and young refugee learners in the Australian context. Francesca has also been involved in the Mercy Connect volunteer program across 2013-2015, working with young refugee learners in schools and more recently providing English language support to adult asylum seekers in Sunshine.

    Francesca joined River Nile in 2014.


    Version 2Rebecca Robinson  –  EAL Teacher

    Rebecca is an experienced secondary teacher of more than 10 years and has a Masters of TESOL from The University of Melbourne.

    Rebecca joined River Nile in 2014 as part of her TESOL student placement and subsequently remained engaged as a volunteer tutor, she was then employed an EAL teacher to help develop our growing programs for asylum seekers in 2015.


    Suzan Najuan, Nawal Omer, Helena Yai, Letekidan Teke, Rebecca Paul   –   Childcare Educators / Education Aides

    Version 4

    Suzan, Nawal, Helena, Letekidan and Rebecca are all qualified childcare educators of African refugee heritage, who keep our student’s children entertained and learning through play, while they are in class nearby.

    All women are fantastic workers, providing a range of engaging activities for the children. They interact with the children while maintaining a colourful, cheerful room full of educational toys including books, a painting space, play-dough table, model dinosaurs, dolls, dress-ups, maps and jigsaws.


    RNLC JohnJohn O’Shea  – Welfare Coordinator

    John has a long history of Welfare Coordination dating back to the late 1980’s where for 10 years he was Head of Pastoral Care at Mowbray College, he went on to become Head of the Melton Campus, and later overall Principal of 3 campuses for Mowbray College.  John has degrees in Science and Education and a Post Graduate qualification in adolescent health.  He has been involved with RNLC for many years , earlier in 2014 he was Acting Director which gave him a much deeper understanding of the welfare needs of our students. 

    Livia Miu  – Book Keeper

    Livia is Registered BAS Agent who assists with our book keeping, payroll and accounting.  She holds Bachelor Degree in Accounting.