• Helping mothers and children coming out of detention

    Since 2014, we have an increased number of referrals of mothers and their young children who are being released from Immigration detention after time in detention on Christmas Island, Manus or Nauru and Broadmeadows. These people are usually significantly damaged both from the cause of their fleeing for Asylum and then the time in detention. Initially, they often do not have the confidence even to leave home. What is crucial is that children and mothers can be separated to enable children to attend kindergarten/school and the mothers to study free of distraction. The work of our highly skilled and caring childcare educators and teachers make this important step possible, over time.

    Mothers coming ou of detention live in poverty, surviving on limited government benefits. We would like our many good friends, who contribute to RNLC on a monthly basis, to know just how much their generosity assists them.

    In the link below, is a letter of support from Maree Tierney highlighting how enormously important the River Nile Learning Centre’s work is for young women and mothers struggling to recover from detention and adjust to a new country.

    Support Letter Maree Tierney The need for RNLC for women & children coming out of detention