• Charitable, Tax Exemption & DGR status

    The River Nile Learning Centre Inc. [RNLC]  and The River Nile School [RNS] are not-for-profit incorporated associations and currently RNS is recognised by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient. RNLC is an applicant for this at the moment. RNS was incorporated on 21 March 2006 under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Vic) (the Act); registration no. A0048482L, as RNLC and the name was changed to RNS in September 2016.

    • Effective from 18 July 2006, RNS is registered for GST with the Australian Taxation Office [ATO] and, as a public benevolent institution, accorded the status of GST Concession, Income Tax Exemption, FBT Exemption and Deductible Gift Recipient.
    • RNS’s ABN is 20 382 591 724
    • A new Incorporated Association called RNLC is currently going through the process of acquiring an ABN, Charity and DGR status.


    RNLC’s aim as articulated in our Statement of Purposes & Rules
    ‘[RNLC] has been formed as a non-profit organisation for the public charitable purpose of providing relief for young persons suffering from the misfortune of education disrupted by war, political oppression and disasters (particularly in Sudan and the Horn of Africa) who, having arrived in Australia, are unable to obtain an effective continuation of their education, due to the previous disruption, helplessness and poverty.’